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Environmentally Friendly

NuWud is the result of a Global engineering effort to create a sustainable, durable and Green flooring product that combines multiple and innovative technologies found in the flooring industry and beyond.

NuWud is a recyclable, wood-based hard surface finish that focuses on embodying the beauty of wood, with unrivaled durability. NuWud is not LVT, SPC or WPC. Birthed from the most resilient parts of the Conifer tree, the NuWud Core is engineered from the tree roots, a section of the tree’s extraction that is often deemed as waste in traditional  manufacturing processes. 

We repurpose the roots and combine the root-pulp with an organic resin to make stunning and dimensionally stable flooring. The decorative layer is designed with eco-friendly, water-based inks and paints rather than oil to ensure we have no VOCs in our products.

NuWud is Carb II Compliant, FloorScore Certified and contributes to  LEED v4.1.

Fade Resistant

In the construction industry, often times spaces are left weeks or even months exposed to direct sunlight, with window coverings being one of the last elements to the building schedule. In addition, as tenant changeover occurs there is a lapse between window protection. NuWud is designed to be installed in  commercial spaces where large windows may flood pools of light into areas of a lobby.

While we cannot say the product is completely fade-proof, NuWud is coated with an UV protected layer to greatly resist the effects of sunlight exposure and will be far more fade-resistant than other comparable flooring products.

Dimensional Stability

Just as sunlight can cause fading overtime, the heat of direct sun exposure can often times lead to plank expansion. In certain geographical areas humidity and moisture are more prevalent and a greater cause for concern. Environmental changes inherently yield physical changes for most flooring products.

NuWud resists dimensional change through utilizing parts of the Conifer tree that have been exposed to extreme levels of humidity and moisture as a foundation for core stability. The initial environmental exposure to the elements establishes the durability of the pulp used in the NuWud Core and creates a lasting finish that is superior to other comparable flooring products.

Scratch & Dent Resistant

Third party testing rates NuWud with an AC6+ scratch resistance – the highest rating in the industry. In addition, NuWud’s dent resistance tests at 4000 PSI [stronger than concrete]. 

NuWud uses a proprietary Diamanté X spray technology  to adhere  a thin coating of wear layer to the paper decorative layer. A sprayed application [as opposed to rolled] ensures that the nuances of the pattern do not become muddied or pixelated during the finishing process. Once the decorative layer has become coated in the Diamanté X finish, the layers undergo extreme heat and pressure, resulting in an exceptionally durable finish that will resist scratches, dents and delamination.  

Antimicrobial & Chemically Resistant

The world has changed and the health of our inhabited spaces must also evolve.

NuWud is layered with an antimicrobial topcoat and IXPE antimicrobial attached acoustic cushion to inhibit the growth and spreading of microorganisms [bacteria, viruses, protozoans and fungi].

NuWud test results show the product resists a multitude of chemicals to include: inks, dyes, marker, food coloring and most chemicals utilized in both residential and commercial settings. [However, NuWud does not resist Iodine after prolonged exposure.]

Water Resistant

The beauty of our process comes from using the tree root pulp and repurposing the compound into a dense, flexible and highly water resistant core. Tree roots continuously submerged in water result in superior dimensional stability combined with a proprietary natural resin create a completely organic, plastic-free core.

Most recently, engineers have developed a version of NuWud that is fully submersible in water, making the product truly waterproof from all angles. After one month completely submerged in water, NuWud Elements experienced no dimensional change, while still maintaining our Green story technology and recyclable wood-based core.

NuWud Elements is the future for the Green flooring industry.

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